Our clothing items meet the highest quality standards:
the love and enthusiasm poured into their design shows in the loving care
and detail with which they are produced.
Expert advice

We aim to follow the criteria of the most natural and loving child-rearing methods possible. For this, we have formed specialist teams of doulas, childminders, nurses and breastfeeding advisors to test and improve our products. Their criteria and experiences play a key role in many of our designs.
Made in Barcelona

We love the Mediterranean, cosmopolitan and refreshing style of our city. Our products are inspired, created and designed from Barcelona for the whole world.

Our values

What guides us?
A baby’s needs

Over the course of the first year of life, baby has to transition to a new world after leaving the comfort of mommy’s womb, and conquer, in record time, balancing and walking. Then, little by little, baby gradually acquires language and forges the basis for cognitive thinking.

Helping by providing everything that baby will need, based on careful observation, is what drives us when we design the models for each collection.


A baby is completely wrapped up in the world: innocent, observant and sensitive. A baby’s organs are still forming and every perceptions and sensory impression will be a nurturing influence.

For that reason we only use natural materials: 100% cotton picked from the clouds with a few magical drops of colour.

100% cotton knit | 100% cotton flannel


We firmly believe in the formula: substance + form = perfection. And the fact is that once we are clear regarding a baby’s need and have chosen the material best suited to producing the item, we look for all kinds of inspiration to ensure a design that is contemporary, engaging and stylish.

Aleksandra’s drawings and the talent of our designers form a large part of this spellbinding inspiration.


Our products would not be complete if we did not contemplate, in addition, their user-friendliness for parents as well as for babies. From their breathability and cosy touch to their practicality of use and their durability.

All of our products have to pass the most stringent of tests: that of a happy mother and baby like you.